The energy consumption of a retailer can represent up to 15% of its operational budget, so any savings in this area can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Further, with today’s growing awareness of environmental issues, implementing energy management systems in supermarkets is a win-win situation. Retailers will be able to control their energy expenses, save money, reduce their carbon footprint, and improve their public image by becoming more eco-friendly.


Electrical load and its quality is a critical factor for every manufacturing company. Power failure can have significant effects as it can delay delivery and cause damage to machinery.


For restaurants and other food service companies, energy represents 3-8% of their total operating expenses, so gaining visibility into energy consumption can result in stronger margins. In addition, being able to predict equipment failures before they occur has a direct impact on service levels.


By eliminating energy waste you can focus more on your guest accommodations. With eTactica you can monitor, manage and control your energy usage. The results are increased safety for your guests, increased reliability of your systems, increased energy efficiency and more sustainable operations.


eTactica’s Shore-Connection Solution (SCS) eliminates work for harbour staff, enables accurate tracking of consumption, and generates overload alerts.

Energy retailers

Deregulation of the electricity market has changed the business from distribution to competition. But how do suppliers of electricity compete? One practical approach to marketing electricity is to help customers utilize the electricity more efficiently.