Devices to measure and monitor electricity usage

eTactica helps organisations understand their energy usage, state, and health, as well as organise and analyse that data in a relevant context. The ability to measure electricity down to the branch level and visualise usage on each device, results in improved operational efficiency. It also supports energy and cost savings by being able to detect any inefficiencies, abnormalities, trends, overloads, and more.


Gateway EG

Collect all measurement data in a single Gateway with a built-in message broker using standard Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP and MQTT interfaces, as well as Ethernet and WiFi connectivity.

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Power meter EM

Use the Power Meter to measure the mains switches MCCBs of any brand up to 3000A, using a standard Modbus-RTU to provide voltage, current, power factor and frequency data for 1-3 phases.

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Current meter ES

Use the Current Meter to measure MCCBs of any brand circuits up to 500A and connect up to 6 Current Sensors per device. The Current Meter is a Modbus-RTU measurement device

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Current bar EB

The eTactica Current Bar provides you with real-time current measurement of each miniature circuit breaker (MCB) in an electrical cabinet. The Current Bar comes in 4 sizes, fitting 3, 6, 9 or 12 current sensors (63A), and is designed to fit most MCB designs.

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Flexible coils

Our Flexible Coils are used with EM Power Meters. There are three types available, rated for 1000A to 3000A.

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Split core CT

Our Split Core CT´s are used with EM Power Meters and ES Current Meters. It is available in three window sizes and rated for 80A to 500A.

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eTactica Starter Kit

Do you want to explore improvements to your organization’s energy efficiency? Take the first steps with eTactica’s Starter Kit.

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