Our story - eTactica´s branch monitoring system

“How can I monitor my clients’ electrical systems well enough to help them improve their efficiency, save energy, and prevent failures?”

This was the question our founder, Hilmir Ingi Jónsson, was faced with ten years ago and which led to the development of the eTactica solution.

Available equipment did not give the required granularity. This inspired the branch level monitoring, which still is the cornerstone of our business. By adding other metering devices, as well as the Gateway and different software, eTactica has been installed at a variety of locations, including retail stores, airports, food production, hotels and restaurants.

As an Icelandic start-up we have gained solid, practical experience through our domestic projects. We have worked with many of the largest companies in the country, providing them insight into their electricity usage, resulting in dramatic cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Our current focus is on expanding our international network of resellers and OEM partners. We are proud of our network of partners in Denmark, UK, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Macedonia.

The original name of the company was ReMake Electric, but the products were marketed under the eTactica brand name. To simplify the message to our customers and partners we have recently changed the company name to eTactica, aligning it with the brand.

Our team

Eggert Benedikt Gudmundsson


+354 535 3000

Katrin Sylvia Simonardottir


+354 535 3003
+354 866 3883

Gudmundur Mar Ketilsson


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+354 698 8041

Agust Th. Hilmarsson

Technical Service Manager

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+354 665 3013

Kristjan Gudmundsson


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Ragnar Einarsson

Hardware Engineer

Karl Palsson

Embedded Systems Engineer

Astvaldur Hjartarsson

Embedded Systems Engineer

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Please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@etactica.com if you have any questions about our company, our products or if you want to join our network. We will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours.